Costa Sunglasses Shares its Second Edition: Protect Report

Costa’s latest Protect Report captures its ongoing commitment to community and conservation.

Jupiter, Fla. (Dec. 05, 2023) – Born on the water in 1983, Costa Sunglasses—a sponsor of Striper Cup and On The Water’s Angling Adventures has spent the past four decades on a mission to protect the watery world it calls home. Today, capping off its 40th anniversary year, Costa releases its Second Edition: Protect Report, which captures the leading eyewear brand’s ongoing commitment to conservation and sustainability. From building responsibly made gear, to its Kick Plastic® and OneCoast initiatives and strong partnerships with mission-aligned conservation organizations, Costa continues to lead the charge in pursuit of its higher calling. 

Through the lens of community and conservation, Costa’s Second Edition: Protect Report captures its efforts throughout 2021 and 2022 – alongside its community of anglers, adventure-seekers, partners, retailers and pros – to protect our waterways and to conserve the life within. The report takes a deeper dive into: 

  • Purpose-built products, like the Untangled™ Collection made from recycled fishing nets 
  • Continued initiatives, including Kick Plastic® and OneCoast
  • Integrated programs, such as Trout Unlimited Costa 5 Rivers program and Costa Compete + Conserve in the bass space
  • International projects, leading the way with the Marlin Fly Project
  • Mission-aligned conservation partners, supporting 40+ coastal and freshwater organizations
  • Global sustainability goals, meeting all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

“We recognize the important role businesses can play in protecting and preserving our natural resources for future generations, and we take that responsibility to heart,” said Jed Larkin, Costa Brand Director. “We pride ourselves on working just as hard to protect our watery world as we do to discover new ways to experience it, and much like the first edition, this report takes that work and puts it into writing.” 

Community and conservation is woven throughout Costa Sunglasses. The ultimate culmination of this ethos, and the leading story of the Second Edition: Protect Report, is Costa’s Marlin Fly Project. The first multi-partner program of its kind, the Marlin Fly Project was established to better understand one of the most incredible Striped Marlin fisheries in the world. Satellite tagging 15 Striped Marlin in Magdalena Bay, Mexico in 2022, the project became the first recorded billfish satellite tagging mission to be completed on the fly. 

Also featured in the report is more about Costa’s sustainable products. In 2021, after getting feedback from pros and community, Costa worked with its partner Bureo® to release a second wave of performance frames to its Untangled™ Collection, frames built from recycled fishing nets. The four new performance frames – Santiago, Pargo, Antille and Caleta – are built from an upgraded NetPlus™ material made of 97% recycled fishing nets.

Costa’s new Antille frames (shown) are made from a material composed of 97% recycled fishing nets.

Costa has spent the past 40 years developing meaningful partnerships with dozens of mission-aligned organizations devoted to critical issues affecting our watery world. More than just writing checks, Costa’s team serves as partners, voices and stewards to support those who work to protect our resources. In 2021 and 2022, Costa supported 1,000+ community activations and used its resources, like film, to help raise awareness for these causes. Costa Films™, produced 25+ films in the same timeframe to underscore the brand’s values.

To explore Costa Sunglasses’ conservation and sustainability journey, the full Protect Report can be found here. For more information about Costa Sunglasses and its purpose-built products, visit

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